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*NEW: Integrate iClicker with GauchoSpace

The new i>Clicker Integrate software allows you to:

  • Upload scores to GauchoSpace in less than a minute
  • Save many hours of administrative time compared to the old software (esp. synchronizing in large classes)
  • Save students money: i>clicker charges students $7 to register a pre-owned clicker, GauchoSpace registration is free
  • Have the same functionality as the old software.

Please download the new software at: 


Instructions to set up i>Clicker integrate are available below; the system takes about 15 minute to configure. 

These instructions are specific to the i>Clicker--GauchoSpace integrated software. If you are a first-time i>Clicker user and would like to discuss pedagogy, scoring options, etc., please contact Dr. Lisa Berry (lisa.berry@id.ucsb.edu, xt. 8395)

Available DownloadsSize
i_clicker 7 Instructions.pdf97.79 KB
i_clicker 7 Gauchospace Integrate.pdf231.04 KB

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