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Sequencing Learning Contexts & Activities

Blended Instruction: Sequencing Learning Contexts & Activities

When designing the instructional activities in a blended course, you will need to consider the following:

1. What is the pathway for students through this course? Put yourself in a student's shoes: How will a student know what to do next (face-to-face? online?).  Will some initial activities combine and feed into a summative assessment project in later weeks of the quarter?
2. How will you sequence content, activities and assessment?
3.  Think about creating ways for students to learn before class, during and after class. Eg.:

  • Before class: an online quiz or forum posting;
  • During class: instructor comments on the quiz results or forum posts and responds to that feedback from students;
  • After class: students post summaries, questions, position papers, groupwork notes related to part of the lecture.  Discussions could also continue in section groups: face-to-face and online.

4. Use multiple forms of communication: the GauchoSpace News Forum, Peachmail and the live Chat Tool give you lots of flexibility
5. Encourage collaboration: with GauchoSpace you can have students work in separate, private groups or in visible groups, where everyone cans see the work of other groups, but work only in their own
6. Utilize online resources: include links to websites, and relevant news items; YouTube videos
7. Stay organized!  There is a great Calendar tool in GauchoSpace to help your students stay organized.

Want to discuss this further? Instructional Developments’ Consultants, Dr Kim DeBacco and Dr Lisa Berry are also available to discuss your syllabus design and instructional strategies.

 I. Shibley @ Penn State University-Berks, Faculty Focus, 03/16/09

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