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Video Consultation

The Classroom Video and Consultation Service is a non-evaluative, confidential opportunity to discuss your actual classroom teaching practices with a peer instructional consultant. The service includes a 1 hour video review session with a consultant, during which you will:

  • reflect on teaching methods you use effectively;
  • discuss aspects of your teaching that you want to improve; 
  • explore alternative teaching strategies.

The service is free of charge for faculty, teaching assistants and teaching associates. *It is a requirement for CCUT candidates.

Schedule a Consultation During Remote Teaching

Due to the current circumstances we are not recording live lectures for video consultations. We are offering TA video consultations via Zoom if you meet the below requirements:

  1. You are teaching a section (or guest lecture) that meets live, via Zoom. 
  2. You are able to record the Zoom session and are willing to share it with us so that the consultant can access it.*

*Please note that you need to inform your students that you will be recording the session for your own professional development only. For more information on legal considerations please see the Keep Teaching website.*

Steps to schedule a TA Video Consultation:

  • Please email tavideo@id.ucsb.edu with the date you plan to record your lecture and your availability for a consultation 3 or more days after the taping. 
  • Once you've recorded your Zoom lecture/discussion section/lab, please upload to the TA Video Consultation Assignments folder. Videos in the folder are not accessible to other TAs, instructors, or students; only site administrators and the graduate student that you will consult with will have access.

Faculty and Teaching Associates will consult with our full-time Instructional Consultants, Drs. Lisa Berry or Mindy Colin. Appointments will be made via the OIC office manager, Laurel Shaddix.

Evaluate the Video and Consultation Process

If you have had a TA Taping and Consultation, and haven't already filled out an evaluation form, click here for our online form

Comments about the Service...

As a result of their viewing and discussions with consultants, TAs and instructors report many changes in their classrooms and in themselves, including: increased confidence, greater sensitivity to students' instructional needs, use of effective questioning techniques, and better utilization of class time.

"It gave me a new perspective on my teaching - let me view myself as the students might."

"I learned a great deal; how to look and act when lecturing, how attentive I am to student needs, and how to make my explanations clearer."

"The videotape consultation gave me the chance to view my teaching, which helped me to reinforce what I was doing well and illuminated some problems of which I was not aware. I was offered useful advice."

"The consultations were less stressful than anticipated. The consultants offered much food for thought." 

consultation contacts

George Michaelsexecutive director2130 Kerr Hall
lisa berrysenior instructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
mindy colininstructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
Mary Lou Ramos database and ESCI administrator1130 Kerr Hall
TBD ESCI assistant1124 Kerr Hall


Laurel Shaddixoffice manager 1130 Kerr Hall
faxfax: 805-893-5915