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Suggestions for the Appendices

Suggested Portfolio Appendices and Three Tips

Here are the three tips:

  • The purpose of the documentation in the appendices is to exemplify the statements you make throughout the narration of your portfolio as you describe what you have learned and how you have developed your teaching skills.
  • The appendix should be between 10 and 25 pages total (the whole portfolio should not exceed 50 pages). Label each appendix and include them in your Table of Contents.
  • Refer to individual appendices in your reflective narrations and explain what the reader should notice in them, or what further details are provided in each appendix.

Possible Appendices for Requirement 1 (TA Training):
Consider including worksheets, study guides, or section syllabi and discuss what you learned by creating them. You might want to include a study guide or syllabus that you created early in your TA career and contrast it to recent ones.

You could include copies of graded papers (omitting student names) and discuss your method of grading (e.g., whether or not you require drafts, ways in which you work with students on their writing, how you handle plagiarism, etc.).

You could include handouts you have created, collaborative learning exercises, lab report grading criteria, learning aids, quizzes you created, or exam questions you wrote for the professor. Anything that illustrates your teaching ability, exemplifies what you learned about teaching or demonstrates your philosophy of teaching would be appropriate.

If you are including an analysis of your TA evaluations at the end of Requirement 1, you may want to put summary ESCI data or sample student comments in the appendix.

Possible Appendices for Requirement 2 (Pedagogy Course):
Documentation for this requirement could include a paper or project completed for the course you took in satisfaction of this requirement. If you fulfilled this requirement by completing a program rather than a course, you could include anything you produced as a result of that program (e.g., someone who completed the Lead TA Institute might include a partial printout of a TA training webpage or descriptive flyer of a workshop completed as a result of the Institute). If you attended a program that provided evaluations, you could include those.

Possible Appendices for Requirement 3 (Technology in Teaching):

For this requirement, it’s important to include some visuals if at all possible e.g., screen shots of particular software, app, or tool you used during class; images of your class while interacting with the technology; or student evaluations/responses to the project if available.

If a research paper or research/literature review is submitted for this requirement, place it in the appendix and leave only your reflection in the narrative portion of the portfolio. It should be something that is worthy of publication, i.e. written in an academic style, with a literature review, critical discussions, examples, citations, etc.

If a discussion paper is submitted, it can be included in the narrative portion of the portfolio or as an appendix. For details about the discussion paper, please talk directly to Dr. Mindy Colin.

Possible Appendices for Requirement 4 (Instructor of Record):
Providing a copy of the syllabus is a must. If possible, submit exams, graded paper samples, worksheets, study aids and other artifacts of the course.

If you are including an analysis of your ESCI evaluations at the end of Requirement 4, you may want to put summary ESCI data or sample student comments in the appendix.

Possible Appendices for Requirement 5 (Teaching Portfolio):
No appendices are needed for this. However, be sure to include a Reflection for Requirement 5 as a conclusion to the narrative portion of the portfolio (i.e., what you learned or didn’t learn, any surprises you experienced, and how it relates to your teaching philosophy).




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