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Requirement #3: Technology Project, Paper or Course

Candidates will complete one of four options for the technology in teaching requirement: Discussion paper, Project, Research Review, or Course.

Discussion paper and Project: Candidates are encouraged to be creative in their use of instructional technologies with their students. Projects could include mobile apps, academic-specific software, student-generated multimedia, flipped classroom,  videoconferencing, interactive websites that pertain to course subject matter, online peer-editing or collaboration, online discussions/blogs, and teacher-made (or student-made) instructional videos. Candidates need to demonstrate an understanding of the instructional uses of their technology beyond merely improving ease of access (e.g., posting syllabi, lecture notes, and Internet resource links on a course website).

CCUT Candidates are also encouraged to reference to the literature on learning theories and multimedia research in addition to their own experience in explaining why their use of instructional strategies and accompanying technology is appropriate to and enhances teaching/learning.

Projects that satisfy Requirement #3 of the CCUT portfolio will use technology to instruct rather than just deliver information through a new medium. The key question CCUT candidates will need to address in the narrative discussion of this requirement in the CCUT portfolio is: “How does their use technology as a pedagogical tool enhance student learning?”

Research Review: Candidates write a potentially publishable short journal article that reviews existing research and literature regarding a particular technology that they have used, or would like to use, in the future. The paper must follow traditional academic writing style and publication requirements.

Course: Complete one of the technology in teaching courses that are pre-approved for CCUT. (See the CCUT GauchoSpace site for details.)

It is up to the CCUT candidate to make a convincing case to the Faculty Advisory Board that they have fulfilled this requirement.

More Information
Join the CCUT GauchoSpace page for more details about the technology requirements. UCSB’s Instructional Development has books available on multimedia instruction and offers consultations once you have a specific instructional goal or project idea in mind. You can call the office at 893-2828 or email Dr. Mindy Colin.

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