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Requirement #4: Teach a Course as Instructor of Record


Requirement 4: Teach a course as the Instructor of Record with the support of a faculty mentor. As part of planning and teaching a course as Instructor of Record, you must assess the course syllabus (even if applicant did not design the syllabus) and develop a comprehensive plan for evaluating and providing performance feedback on student learning.
of the following activities must be completed to fulfill this requirement:

  • Teach a UCSB course as an instructor of record (UCSB Title Code 1506) during regular, extension, or summer sessions with the mentorship of a UCSB faculty member; OR
  • Co-teach a UCSB course as an instructor of record (UCSB Title Code 1506) during regular, extension, or summer sessions with the mentorship of a UCSB faculty member OR
  • TA for English 10, Intro. to Literary Study (TAs in this course were determined to have the responsibility of Instructors of Record); OR
  • Participate in the 2-quarter SKILLS program and teach the associate course (which gives course credit for Santa Barbara City College)
  • Teach a course for the Science and Engineering Research Academy (SERA) program at UCSB
  • Teach a course as an independent instructor at a college or university, other than UCSB, with the mentorship of a UCSB faculty member. Santa Barbara City College is often looking for UCSB grad students to teach courses on a one-time basis. See SBCC Jobs

Documentation must include: (1) a letter from the mentor describing the nature and frequency of the mentoring (a Summer Teaching Institute for Associates (STIA) certificate may be offered in lieu of a mentor's letter); (2) An analysis and discussion of ESCI ratings (numerical and student comments) or other course ratings.

Selection Of A Mentor

You may select a mentor from among the UCSB faculty*. Consider asking a faculty member who has taught the course previously, who has taught Summer Session if that is the quarter in which you are teaching, or who knows the material well enough to review your syllabus, and someone whose teaching you admire.

If you are teaching at another institution in fulfillment of this requirement, you may still ask a UCSB faculty member to be your mentor, or you may petition for an exception (see http://www.graddiv.ucsb.edu/academic/ccut/faq/exception.htm). In the petition, you can make a case for asking a faculty member of the institution at which you will be teaching.

Generally, the faculty member simply agrees:

  • to have at least one meeting before the course to discuss the syllabus and aspects of the course (e.g., exams and grading issues),
  • to be available to discuss major instructional problems or concerns, and to write a short letter verifying the fact that s/he did serve as your mentor and
  • briefly describing the issues that were discussed.

What Is The Documentation Required?
The only documentation needed is a letter by the mentor that describes the kind of assistance the mentor was able to provide or the type of issues that were foremost in your discussions. This is not a letter of recommendation, although the mentor may want to comment on the quality of your teaching.

And To Whom Is The Mentor Letter Addressed and Sent?
The letter can be addressed to the CCUT Faculty Advisory Board and needs to be included as part of your CCUT portfolio, either in the appendix for or in the discussion of Requirement #4, teaching your own class.

*For those who complete the Summer Teaching Institute for Associates (STIA), mentors are provided as part of the program and a letter from the mentor is not required.

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