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Matched Items (ie. matching 2 lists)

Writing Matching Test Items


Match each Australian state with its capital city.

1.    South Australia                 ___ A.  Sydney   
2.    Tasmania                          ___ B.  Adelaide
3.    Queensland                      ___ C.  Melbourne
4.    Western Australia             ___ D.  Hobart
5.    New South Wales             ___ E.  Brisbane
6.    Victoria                             ___ F.   Perth

  • Include directions that clearly state the basis for matching the stimuli with the response.  Explain whether or not a response can be used more than once and indicate where to write the answer.
  • Use homogenous material in matching items, and if responses are not to be used more that once, include more responses than stimuli.
  • Arrange the list of responses in some systematic order if possible (eg. chronological and alphabetical).
  • Keep matching items brief, limiting the list of stimuli to under 10 and, when possible, reduce the amount of reading time by including only short phrases or single works as responses and stimuli.

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