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Writing Problem-Solving Questions

Problem-solving (Computational Exam Questions)

A sample of 12 measurements of reaction time gave a mean of 9.0 seconds and a standard deviation of 2.0 seconds. Find the 99% confidence limits for the actual reaction time of the population tested.

  • Clearly identify and explain the problem, and provide directions that clearly inform the student of the type of response desired by the instructor.
  • Clearly separate the item parts and indicate their points totals, and state in the directions whether or not students should show their work for partial credit.
  • Minimize errors caused by irrelevant calculation error by using whole or simple numbers in the problem and the answer.
  • Use figures, conditions and situations that create a realistic problem.
  • Indicate the level of precision (eg. numerical unit) desired in the answer, and work through each problem before classroom administration to double-check accuracy.

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