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Disabled Students Program

Disabled Students Program

Each quarter temporarily and permanently disabled students attend classes at the University of California, Santa Barbara. They are attracted by the University's academic reputation, moderate weather conditions, and excellent physical accessibility. The lay of the land is flat and free from environmental barriers, making most physical structures accessible. In addition, the UCSB campus provides excellent barrier free, modified, residential facilities to those students seeking to live on campus.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities attending UCSB can be assured of receiving the same core support services offered throughout the University of California's System-wide chain of campuses. The Disabled Students Program (DSP) is the central location for coordinating services geared toward assisting students with both temporary and permanent disabilities. The DSP office also serves as the campus liaison regarding issues and regulations related to students with disabilities.

Participation in providing students with disabilities appropriate academic support becomes a shared responsibility between DSP students and members of the academic staff. Often special considerations, accommodations, and/or arrangements need to be made in order to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in classroom discussions and activities. Here are some special situations that warrant attention.

Special arrangements may be needed for students with physical impairments in taking tests, writing papers, or completing lab work. If students with learning disabilities request extended test time, they will present you with verification from the DSP office.

Students with learning disabilities require academic accommodations (e.g., additional test time, alternative testing methods, note takers, readers). If students with a learning disability (LD) request any of the above, they must present the instructor with a letter from our LD specialist verifying their disability.

Sometimes students may need to use a sign language interpreter, tape recorder or have someone take notes for them; DSP will arrange for an interpreter, tape recorder and/or note taker. Please permit these students to utilize these auxiliary aids in the classroom.

The classroom may be partially inaccessible to some students in wheelchairs. This is particularly true of rooms with tiered seating. The DSP may be able to help in these types of situations.

Because some students with visual impairments or learning disabilities have difficulty associated with written materials, it is helpful when instructors have a reading list available before classes begin so students with disabilities can get their books on tape.

Finally, it should be emphasized that in ALL cases, it is the students' responsibility to communicate their special needs to their instructors.

Services Provided by DSP

1. SUPPLEMENT ORIENTATION to familiarize students with campus accessibility.

2. NOTE-TAKERS for classes not covered by A.S. Note-Taking Services for those students who have difficulty taking class notes

3. READERS for students with visual impairments or learning disabilities.

4. TEST-TAKING PROCTORS for students who may have difficulty with traditional test taking. Upon instructor's request, arrangements can be made through the DSP office.

5. ADAPTIVE EQUIPMENT LOANS. Tape Recorders, Talking Calculators, Visual-Teks, Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD), a Kurzweil Reading Machine, and a Micro computer Speech Synthesizer.

In addition to the above, DSP staff persons are knowledgeable regarding other campus and community resources, particularly those agencies that best serve the needs of persons with disabilities. Interested persons can receive further information regarding services for students with disabilities by contacting the Disabled Students Program (DSP) 1201 SAASB (x 2668).

More Disability Resources

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