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Student Support and Referral Services

Student Referral Services

Students have a variety of academic and personal issues that can negatively affect their learning. When students come to you with such problems, you will want to do what you can, but many will need on-going assistance. You can refer these students to a variety of campus resources from the note-taking and legal services of Associated Students to the cultural adaptation services of the International Students and Scholars office.

consultation contacts

George Michaelsexecutive director2130 Kerr Hall
lisa berrysenior instructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
mindy colininstructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
Mary Lou Ramos database and ESCI administrator1130 Kerr Hall
Aisha Wedlaw ESCI assistant1124 Kerr Hall
Breana Barakoffice manager 1130 Kerr Hall
faxfax: 805-893-5915