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General Policies regarding TAs

General Policies Regarding Teaching Assistants *

The Teaching Assistant: A teaching assistant is a registered graduate student in full-time residence, chosen for...excellent scholarship and for...promise as a teacher, and serving an apprenticeship under the active tutelage and supervision of a regular faculty member.

Workload: Teaching Assistant workloads are intended to allow TAs to fulfill their academic obligations. TAs employed half-time (.50 FTE) are expected to devote 15 - 20 hours per week to TA duties during instructional and examination periods. These hours include all time spent in preparation, classroom and laboratory teaching, office consultation, and reading student papers. Incidentally, since a half-time appointment for a TA is normally maximum, a 50% TA is frequently called a full-time TA (as contrasted to a half-time TA with a 25% appointment).

Duties: A teaching assistant is not responsible for the instructional content of a course, for selection of student assignments, for planning of examinations, or for determining the term grade for students. Neither is the TA to be assigned responsibility for instructing the entire enrollment of a course or for providing the entire instruction of a group of students enrolled in a course.

The teaching assistant is responsible only for the conduct of recitation, laboratory or quiz sections under the active direction and supervision of a regular member of the faculty to whom final responsibility for the course's entire instruction, including the performance of his [or her] teaching assistants, has been assigned.

Supervision and Review: The selection, supervision and training of all student teachers is an important responsibility of the teaching department, and in particular of the chairperson. All candidates for appointment and re-appointment should be subjected to careful review and recommendation, either by the department as a whole or by a responsible committee.

Eligibility: When appointed, the TA must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.00 and must be a registered, full-time student in good standing through-out the period of appointment. To maintain TA eligibility, the TA is required to take at least four upper division or graduate units per quarter during the time of the appointment.

* These policies are taken from: University of California Academic Personnel Manual, 68-4. They are made known to TAs through the TA handbook annually given to all first-year TAs. Ronkowski, S.A., Lorsch, N., Geiger, E. and Morrison, J. TAs As Teachers: A Handbook for Teaching Assistants at UCSB. Santa Barbara, CA: University of California, 1995.

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