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guiding principles

Principle 1. Faculty members own their individual ESCI data. ESCI data are collected as an aid to individual faculty members for use as summative feedback on their courses and instruction. As such, individual ESCI results are the property of the faculty member. Furthermore, ESCI results for individual faculty members are not a matter of public record. The faculty members must include their own ESCI results for individual courses in personnel review materials. Faculty members may request reprints of their own ESCI results for previous courses, and they may request aggregate historical summaries of their own ESCI results for previous quarters or years. Instructional Development will only provide ESCI reports and summaries to Department Chairs and administrative personnel upon request by, or with consent from, the Faculty member, unless it is for a personnel matter affecting that faculty member.

Principle 2. Aggregated ESCI reports will always seek to preserve the confidentiality of individual faculty members. Aggregated ESCI results will be provided to departments at the written request of the department chair. Unless more detail is specifically requested by the department chair, aggregated results will always be compiled so as to protect the anonymity of individual faculty members. These aggregated results may be used by departments for the purposes of curricular evaluation and planning; or as evidence of quality teaching for program review. Instructional Development staff are available to provide assistance in the design of aggregated ESCI results to meet the needs of department chairs and their departments.

Principle 3. Departments may determine their own internal policies regarding the use of ESCI results. Departments may choose to use either individual or aggregated ESCI reports for a variety of programmatic or personnel purposes at the department's discretion. However, departments are strongly urged to adhere to Principles 1 and 2 regarding the ownership of ESCI results and the need for confidentiality of those results. Further guidance on the use and interpretation of ESCI results is available from Instructional Development staff.

consultation contacts

George Michaelsexecutive director2130 Kerr Hall
lisa berrysenior instructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
mindy colininstructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
Mary Lou Ramos database and ESCI administrator1130 Kerr Hall
TBD ESCI assistant1124 Kerr Hall


Laurel Shaddixoffice manager 1130 Kerr Hall
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