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Confidentiality in Health Related Issues

According to the California Health and Safety Codes, faculty may not release the name of a student or otherwise disclose the name of a student with HIV or AIDS without the written and specific permission of the student. Even if a student directly discloses his/her HIV or AIDS status to an instructor, that instructor is bound by law to keep the information completely confidential.

Disclosing such information can carry a civil penalty of $1,000 - $5,000 along with possible imprisonment if bodily or psychological harm comes to the student as a result of the disclosure. For further information about the California Health and Safety Codes, call the Student Health Services, AIDS / STD information (893-3434).

AIDS is defined as a disability. Faculty must make reasonable accommodations for students with AIDS and HIV. It is unlawful to discriminate (explicitly or implicitly) against those with AIDS or HIV. Jokes about people with HIV and accompanying homophobic jokes may be considered examples of implicit AIDS / HIV discrimination.

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