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Campus Learning Assistant Services

Campus Learning Assistance Services(CLAS)

Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) helps students increase their mastery of course material through course-specific tutoring and academic skills development. Services complement University instruction, yielding greater insight and improved class performance. For further information on the following program services, call x4248 or x3269.

Academic Skills Workshops

Students can sign-up for workshops on writing, studying and test-taking skills which are free to all registered UCSB students. In these workshops students are exposed to strategies for improving their academic performance and understanding. The quarterly workshop schedule includes a wide range of topics and meeting times to fit most students' schedules. Workshop topics include:

* Memory and Concentration
* Reading Strategies
* Time Management
* Note-Taking
* Avoiding Procrastination
* Writing Research Papers
* Essay Exam Preparation
* Objective Exam Preparation
* Writing Statements of Purpose

Course-Specific Workshops. Course-specific academic skills workshops are planned in cooperation with faculty and teaching assistants to help students develop the skills they need to master the requirements of specific courses. These workshops are offered for many lower division courses each quarter and are announced in lectures.

Pre-Professional Test Preparation. Students who are considering graduate and professional programs will benefit from the practice they get in the mock GRE, CBEST and LSAT. In addition to the mock exams, preparation workshops are offered for the GRE.

Writing, ESL and Foreign Language Tutorials

These tutorials offer a range of assistance to both undergraduate and graduate students. The following services are offered.

* Students enrolled in the Program of Intensive English receive individual or group tutorials for English 1, 2 and 3.

* Students enrolled in any composition class may use the Drop-In Lab where writing response and assistance is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

* Students for whom English is their second language may use the ESL Drop-in Lab where tutors will review their essays and help spot problems with grammar, idioms, syntax and organization.

* ESL students can also work in the interactive ESL Computer Lab to build their pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

* Students seeking assistance with any writing assignments or projects can schedule appointments at the Writing Lab to work directly with writing counselors.

* Foreign Language Drop-in Lab and Tutorials are available to students enrolled in first year language classed. Interested students should stop by CLAS-477 for the current quarter's offerings.

Social Science Tutorials

The Social Science Program offers group tutorials in selected lower division courses in the social sciences. Different groups are established each quarter so interested students should visit CLAS 477 for the current schedule.

Math, Science, and Engineering Tutorials

This program provides academic assistance to students in small group tutorials across a broad spectrum of courses and disciplines in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering.

Students who enroll in tutorial and instructional groups are expected to attend consistently. Free individual tutoring is available for some student populations (i.e., EOP students, athletes, and disabled students).

Math/Science Drop-In. A special Drop-In service is available to all students during the day and Monday through Thursday until 10:00 p.m. Students may receive immediate assistance from a drop-in tutor on a first-come, first-served basis.

consultation contacts

George Michaelsexecutive director2130 Kerr Hall
lisa berrysenior instructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
mindy colininstructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
Mary Lou Ramos database and ESCI administrator1130 Kerr Hall
TBD ESCI assistant1124 Kerr Hall


Laurel Shaddixoffice manager 1130 Kerr Hall
faxfax: 805-893-5915