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Lead TA Institute

Friday and Saturday, August 23 & 24, 2019

Location: Arts 1332

While the role of Lead TA varies by department, these graduate students generally assist with department TA training and provide mentorship to more novice TAs.  The focus of the two-day Lead TA Institute (LTAI) is developing approaches to and practical materials for departmental TA training workshops and seminars. Topics include planning TA orientations and seminars, uses of the case studies in TA training, student-centered teaching approaches, conflict managment, research on college teaching, and more.

Preparation for the First Meeting

Please click on the link "Preparation for Lead TA Institute" under the Heading "Lead TA Institute". 


Friday, 1pm-4:30pm: Arts 1332

Please be familiar with your TA Departmental Training Program, and bring an outline/overview of your department's TA training program.

Saturday, 9am-1pm:  Arts 1332

Institute Rationale

The Lead TA Institute is designed to:

  • Assist you in preparing for and (re)defining your responsibilities as Lead TAs;
  • Increase your knowledge of University policies relevant to TAs and their students;
  • Learn new strategies for student-centered teaching and learning;
  • Improve your ability manage conflict through effective communication;
  • Cultivate a community of Lead TAs with whom to improve TA training programs.

Who May Attend

Lead TAs from any department are welcome to attend.  Please note that the role of Lead TA is to assist with TA training in the department (it is NOT the same as a Head TA for a single course).

Institute Stipend
LTAI participants will receive a $200 stipend for completing the required preparations and attending both days of the Institute.  Full participation will also satisfy Requirement #2 of the CCUT program.

Participation in the 2 day LTAI counts for requirement #2 of the Certificate in College and University Teaching program.


If you have questions, please contact Dr. Lisa Berry <lisa_berry@ucsb.edu>



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