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List of Programs

 A Short Menu of Departmental TA Training (TAT) Programs

The following descriptions are meant to provide a taste of what various academic departments are doing in their TAT programs and to whet your appetite to know more.

The training activities listed for each department are not meant to cover the complete extent of the department’s TAT, just the highlights. If you take issue with any of this information or want something added, please email <lisa@id.ucsb.edu>.

*You will see the term microteaching used in these lists. Microteaching refers to presenting a short discussion, lecture or problem solution to one’s peers, often as if the peers were students. Peers then critique the presentation verbally and/or on a rating sheet of specified criteria.


First-year TAs required to attend TA orientation session before instruction begins and 6 TA training sessions Fall quarter
First-year TAs required to attend 2 TA training sessions Winter quarter, workshops open to all department members
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TAs

Training conducted by 2 Lead TAs

Office hours with Lead TAs
TA Guidelines http://www.anth.ucsb.edu/graded/TA.Guidelines.pdf


Departmental TA Handbook
Quarterly orientations –one for new TAs, one for experienced
Chair present at orientations
Regular emails from Lead TA
Individual meeting w/each new TA and Lead TA
Lead TA invites all faculty to a mtg to discuss TAT
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TAs


Beginning of year barbeque – all grad students and faculty
Department TA Award for Excellence given at end-of-year banquet
Quarter-long course taught by faculty 


TA Training Gauchospace site for departmental and campus-wide resources, pedagogical and training materials.
All TAs (new and returning) attend one half-day departmental orientation.
New TAs attend one pedagogical workshop per quarter.
TAs receive the departmental TA training handbook.
Outstanding TA Awards given at end-of-year ceremony.


Required departmental and campus orientation
Mandatory videotaping and consultation for all new TAs
10 week Fall quarter seminar taught by lead TA
TA handbook
Mid-quarter evaluations for all TAs


Two co-lead TAs with office hours by appointment
Practical check-ins before, during, and after instruction begins
Required full day orientation for all incoming new TAs followed by a mandatory mid-quarter workshop
Optional department-wide workshops/seminars on pedagogical theory and practice
Collects nominations for and selects department Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award
Maintains and updates GauchoSpace Resource Site for department TAs
Organizes optional grad to grad mentorship program
Collaboration with Faculty Teaching Panel to support TAs and create professional development opportunities



Quarterly workshops focus on developing feminist pedagogical strategies and skills, as well as interrogating structures of power that direct and constrain TAs within the classroom.

GauchoSpace TA site provides abundant resources for developing a feminist pedagogical toolkit.

Departmental handbook details rights and responsibilities of TAs (link to handbook: http://tinyw.in/kkAy)


Six mantadory TA training sessions                               
TA GauchoSpace stie with syllabi, lesson planning and profession development resources 

Peer Observations of teaching


Fall quarter Geography TA Training seminar course required for new TAs
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TAs
TA Roles and Responsibilities: see Departmental Student Handbook Appendix A


Fall quarter orientation/training for new and returning TAs.
First-year TAs must attend two training sessions each quarter.
Returning TAs must attend one training session each quarter.
Sample topics from past TAT sessions: leading discussion sections, grading, handling sensitive topics, TA-faculty relations, using technology in teaching, teaching and evaluating student writing, using primary sources, teaching philosophies, and professionalization.
TA-to-TA mentorship program.
TA Handbook  http://www.history.ucsb.edu/wp-content/uploads/TA-Handbook-20151.pdf


TA Handbook
Fall Quarter departmental orientation for all new TAs
Five mandatory TA workshops for new and returning TAs over the course of the year
In-class observation and faculty evaluation of all TAs each quarter
In heavily enrolled lower division courses, faculty course on pedagogy


TAs receive 2-year “TA Fellowship” to encourage dept loyalty
Day-long orientation
2 Lead TAs
TA Handbook - http://www.lawso.ucsb.edu/documents/leadtatraining.pdf
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TAs
Lead TA (12% time supported by department plus TAship)


2 week TA training prior to the start of Fall quarter
Quarter-long TA Training seminar taught by senior faculty & Lead TA
Lead TA visits all new TA classrooms
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TAs
Teaching Assistant handbook (http://math.ucsb.edu/graduate)



The ME Graduate Student Handbook can be found here:

New TAs are required to attend a 2 hour training session during the fall quarter.


Departmental TA Handbook
Annual Departmental TA orientation for all TAs
Winter and Spring Pedagogy workshops for all TAs
10-week Fall pedagogy seminar for new TAs
Videotaping and Consultation required of all new TAs
In-class observations of new TAs in Fall and Spring


Two-day institute before start of fall quarter, with microteaching groups
Fall quarter TA training course taught by a faculty member
Videotaping and consultation required for new TAs
Document outlining Roles and Responsibilites of TAs and Faculty


12-week Seminar required (fall-winter) for new TAs w/ faculty speakers: Topics include student learning styles, teaching styles, grading and record keeping, common TA problems and solutions, microteaching, sexual harassment, TAing large classes, culture and gender awareness.
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TAs
Faculty Coordinator reviews student ratings with TAs
In addition to TAD, department commits one-fourth of funding for Lead TA


Pre-fall Orientation for new TAs
3-quarter course, meets 5 times Fall quarter, 2 times Winter quarter, and private consultations Spring quarter- led by faculty member and TA committee.
TA Advisory Panel with varying years experience, apprentice Lead TA (all positions must be applied for)
Extensive TA survey at end-of-year / each year designed in response to TA survey
Videotaping and Consultation required for new TA
Departmental TA Training Website on Gauchospace


           “Training Future Faculty” – ongoing series of 2-4 workshops each quarter
           TA Handbook and resource folder distributed to new TAs
           Online modules for TAs to share quizzes, handouts, class activities etc
           TAs encouraged to have video consultation and consultation with lead TA
           Clerical duties: management of office space, old student papers and exams


2-day TAT Practicum for new TAs; 2nd yr. TAs attend 2nd day of TAT Practicum
3- quarterly sessions, “Pedagogy Series for Sociology” + 2 quarter Professional Course
Example topics: role-playing case scenarios, mechanics of grading, model first day, microteaching, developing a personal pedagogy, balancing teaching and graduate study
3-person Lead TA Committee
TA Handbook distributed to all new grad students, updated yearly by TAT committee


TA training is achieved through a 2-unit 'class' (501), taken by all new TAs during
Fall and Winter quarters. Training topics include preparing for the first day, writing and
evaluating lesson plans, effective teaching methods, sexual harrassment
policies and professional development.
Mandatory videotaping and consultation for all TAs
Completion of the online sexual harrassment tutorial
Weekly TA Office Hours
Departmental Handbook


consultation contacts

George Michaelsexecutive director2130 Kerr Hall
lisa berrysenior instructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
mindy colininstructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
Mary Lou Ramos database and ESCI administrator1130 Kerr Hall
TBD ESCI assistant1124 Kerr Hall


Laurel Shaddixoffice manager 1130 Kerr Hall
faxfax: 805-893-5915