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Preparation for Lead TA Institute

Preparations - Before the Institute 


Please be prepared for the Lead TA Institute by completing the following four tasks prior to our first meeting:

1. Please follow the link "Dept. Programs" under the Lead TA Institute menu and read the sample summaries of departmental TA training programs. This link brings you to the Short Menu for Departmental TA Training; please read the brief descriptions of TA training program for each department.  Check the accuracy of the information given for your department.   If your department has an online page of responsibilities, an online departmental TA handbook, or a TA training web site please check to see that all are correctly listed with up-to-date links.

  • E-mail Dr. Lisa Berry <lisa.berry@id.ucsb.edu> stating that you have reviewed the description for your department. Indicate any revisions by sending an updated version of the current description (thereby allowing the webmaster to copy/paste the updates).
  • Be prepared to discuss your department's TA training program at the Lead TA Institute.

2. Email  Dr. Lisa Berry <lisa.berry@id.ucsb.edu> with an overview/outline of your Department's TA Training Program (e.g. an outline of last year's departmental TA Orientation plan and/or the syllabus for your department's TA Training course or workshop series).  One of the highlights of the Institute is sharing ideas and plans across departments, so please come prepared.  Your department TA Training Coordinator, prior Lead TA, or Department Chair may be able to provide you with information about your TA Training Program.

3. Check the strengths and weaknesses of your departmental TA training web page; does it include links to the campus-wide TA training web site http://oic.id.ucsb.edu/ta-development and to the Certificate in College and University Teaching www.graddiv.ucsb.edu/academic/ccut/?  If your department has a GauchoSpace site for TA training, request editing access so that you can add links, resources and activities. 

Institute Stipend
Due to budget cuts, we are no longer able to offer LTAI participants a stipend for attending.  Full participation will satisfy Requirement #2 of the CCUT program.



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