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Procedures for individual faculty who would like to request ESCI surveys.

Week 4

Faculty member requests an "ESCI Survey Request Form"from the ESCI Assistant in Instructional Development.

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Faculty member completes an "ESCI Survey Request Form."

  • While planning for your ESCI survey, identify a convenient time and place for survey administration during the last week of instruction, not during finals. Beware of last minute schedule changes!


Week 5

You mail the completed "ESCI Survey Request Form" back to the ESCI Assistant, Instructional Development, 1130 Kerr Hall.

  • Please include copies of any new or modified questionnaires, so the the ESCI system will "know" precisely what questions students were asked in your course.
  • Make a copy of the ESCI Survey Request Form for yourself and return the original.


Week 7

ID Delivers Optical-Scan response sheets & Survey Headers to you.

  • The quantity of optical-scan response sheets required by the department is determined from the ESCI Survey Request Form. Most departments use two types of optical-scan response sheets: one type is labeled "ESCI Faculty/Course Response Form", and the other is labeled "ESCI TA Response Form."
  • Survey Headers (one per course, or survey) are either a) included with the materials delivered, or b) mailed to the department shortly thereafter. The information needed to create the Survey Headers is derived from the ESCI Survey Request Form.
  • Note that you are responsible for reproducing the questionnaires to which students will respond (and separate comment sheets, if you use that model).


Week 8

You make Packets for Your Class(es). 

  • Assemble a packet for each course that contains an appropriate number of questionnaires and optical-scan response sheets.
  • Keep Survey Headers in a safe place. The Survey Headers are to be used when returning the completed response sheets back to ID.


Week 9

You Distribute Packets to whoever will be handing out and collecting the response sheets in class.

  • This should be done before Dead Week.
  • Note that your department should have one or more approved methods of distributing and collecting the response sheets and returning them to the department office, while ensuring that the instructor or TA being rated a) does not have access, and b) is not perceived by students as having access, to the completed rating sheets at any time before they are returned to ID for tabulation, or to any written student responses prior to grade submission.
  • For information about recommended methods, click HERE.
  • The range of methods available to you will be crucial as you identify who might be candidates to hand out and collect response sheets, and/or how they might be selected.


Week 10

Dead Week - Administer Surveys. 

  • The surveys (questionnaires and accompanying response sheets) are administered and collected during class time and NOT at the final exam, if at all possible.
  • The person administering the surveys should give brief instructions on filling out the forms. It's suggested that these include a) a standard statement regarding the purposes of the overall survey and its importance, b) a reminder to fill in the course identifying information, c) a reminder to fill out Questions A and B, d) the purpose of other sections of the survey, if applicable, e) assurances of anonymity, and f) instructions on what to do with completed forms.
  • Someone other than the person being rated collects the surveys, and returns them to the department (typically meaning to you, the departmental ESCI contact person). .
  • If one person is administering several surveys, s/he should be knowledgeable about course scheduling and room assignment changes. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss courses and thereby skew the results.


Week 11-12

Finals Week or week after - You Return Completed Surveys to Instructional Development.

  • Arrange completed response sheets and survey headers as described in the document “How to Return ESCI Response Sheets”(Click HERE).
  • Handle written comments according to your department's practices. For discussion of alternative ways comments can be handled, and recommended best practices, click HERE.
  • You may keep extra response sheets for next quarter or return them to ID.

Return Completed Response Sheets to:
ESCI Office
Instructional Development
1124 Kerr Hall
Attn: Aisha Wedlaw

Week 2 of Following Quarter

You receive printed ESCI reports of student ratings.

  • You will receive two copies of a report for every course for which one or more response sheets were returned: one for the instructor, folded and stapled, and one for the department, 3-hole punched.
  • Instructors should not have access to any individual or collective student ratings until the deadline for submitting final grades has passed. It is strongly recommended that this apply to ESCI reports, to original ESCI response forms or copies thereof, to students' written comments, to student comments recorded in any medium, and to any other form of student feedback requested at end-of-course regarding teaching and/or course content.
  • Exchange of opinion between faculty and students is integral to the process of education, and student feedback to instructors is invaluable in assessing the effectiveness of instruction and in improving it. Instructors are encouraged to make use of all appropriate kinds and sources of student feedback, both during the course as a natural aspect of quality instruction, and at the end as part of summative retrospective. ESCI is only one method of collecting such information.


Any questions concerning the ESCI system - or teaching and course ratings generally - may be directed to Instructional Development to either:

Aisha Wedlaw (x4278; aisha.wedlaw@id.ucsb.edu)
Mary Lou Ramos (x3523; marylou@id.ucsb.edu)
Lisa Berry (x8395; lisa@id.ucsb.edu)

consultation contacts

George Michaelsexecutive director2130 Kerr Hall
lisa berrysenior instructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
mindy colininstructional consultant1130 Kerr Hall
Mary Lou Ramos database and ESCI administrator1130 Kerr Hall
TBD ESCI assistant1124 Kerr Hall


TBDoffice manager 1130 Kerr Hall
faxfax: 805-893-5915