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Records Retention

Records Retention for Departments

Per record retention policy in section IX - 18 of the Red Binder, UCSB Campus Policies and Procedures For Academic Personnel:

I. Retention of files
Documents are to be maintained as follows:

Personnel files*:
Senate faculty: Academic Personnel maintains files for Senate faculty indefinitely. If a Department or College is keeping a secondary file, that file must be maintained until the employee separates from the University.

Non-Senate Academics: Academic Personnel, as the office of record, maintains files for 5 years after separation.  Departments must retain files until the employee separates from the University.
This applies to Teaching Assistants and Teaching Associates.

*Items that are stored electronically on line by the Academic Personnel office and are accessible to the department or college do not need to be separately maintained in the department or college.

Applicant Files:
Files of applicants who do not become employees are to be maintained by the department for 3 years.

Faculty appointment cases that are put forward but for review, but are ultimately unsuccessful recruitments will be maintained by Academic Personnel for 3 years.

Teaching evaluations (student comments and ESCIs) are to be maintained for the longer of:
1) until used in a review file, or
2) as long as a need is present

You can access this document at the Academic Personnel website (https://ap.ucsb.edu/). Systemwide information is also available at:



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