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Research on Online Instruction @ UCSB

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1.  Poster:  Monica E. Bulger, Kevin C. Almeroth, Richard E. Mayer,Dorothy Chun, Allan Knight, Heather M. Collins (2008) Instructor engagement affects student use of a Course Management System

College campuses are rapidly adopting Course Management Systems (CMS) such
as Moodle and Sakai for undergraduate instruction. These online support systems offer
the potential to extend student-instructor interaction beyond the classroom, yet little is
known about the effects of instructor engagement on student use. This study evaluates the extent to which instructor use of a CMS affects student  use and whether increased student use results in improved academic performance.  Participants in two intact courses taught by the same instructor used course resources available on Moodle during an academic quarter. Levels of online course support
provided by the instructor were compared with levels of student use. Levels of student
use were then compared with academic performance. In this study, we hypothesize that
instructor engagement with a CMS affects how students use the system and that this use
relates to academic performance.



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