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STIA - Summer Teaching Institute for Associates

The Summer Teaching Institute for Associates (STIA)

The STIA program provides graduate student instructors (associates) with a flexible pre-summer teaching orientation, that is based on principles of interactive, collaborative learning, and designed to assist Associates with the planning, conducting and assessment of summer undergraduate courses at UCSB.

STIA participants must be appointed as a Summer Teaching Associate by an academic department. Only Summer Associates are eligible for STIA. 
NOTE: the registration link is at the bottom of this page.
Requirements of the STIA Certificate (3 Modules)
Completion of all three modules is required to earn a STIA certificate. STIA is a recognized course for Requirement #2 of the Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT).
Associates not seeking a STIA Certificate are welcome to participate selectively in the online activities and face-to-face sessions. 
Module 1: Planning Your Summer Sessions Course (3 weeks in May 2017, but flexible). This is a flexible module that runs entirely online and focuses on syllabus development, and planning lectures and classes. You will work though a sequence of online resources and activities, supported by recommended completion dates and lots of online feedback! This module received outstanding evaluation ratings and reviews from the 2013-16 cohorts. 
Topics include: issues and challenges for novice instructors (setting clear expectations, how much reading to assign, plagiarism, 'the TA becomes the instructor'), lecturing techniques, links to key UCSB resources.
Module 2: Teaching & Assessment (May-Aug 2017). This module offers you a selection of face-to-face, online and one-on-one workshops from which you can choose particular topics to match your needs and schedule. STIA certificate intenders are required to attend and complete 5 out of 20 face-to-face workshops, each 60 or 90 min. in length. Participants are limited to a maximum of two technology workshops in the final count of five. A limited selection of workshop options are provided in July/August.
Topics include: designing exams, assignments and quizzes (online and paper-based); presentation skills; active learning; integrating multimedia; GauchoSpace; maintaining on-going evaluation and feedback loops; designing collaborative projects and groupwork; teaching philosophy statements; etc.

Module 3:  Mentoring Circles (during Summer Sessions - in conjunction with your teaching)
Associates will meet with a departmental faculty mentor in a mentoring circle to discuss the concerns and issues that inevitably arise when teaching a course, and to offer each other suggestions for strategies and what to do differently. Mentors will also give associates feedback on their syllabi. The day and time of sessions with be decided by the members of each mentoring circle.

Associates who wish to take out a STIA certificate are required to attend three 1-hour mentoring meetings while teaching their Summer Session course: one meeting before session begins, the other 2 during the session you are teaching. If you miss a meeting you will be required to undertake a classroom teaching observation and submit a reflective paper about the observation.

Please note: Instructional Development, which runs the STIA program, is not responsible for finding and matching associates with mentors. If you are unsure who is your assigned mentor this summer, please contact the Graduate Adviser in your department. Ensure you are in a mentoring circle with others teaching the same Session (A, B, or otherwise) as you.

STIA Facilitators:
With the support of Instructional Consultants from Instructional Development, peer facilitators will work with you to help you plan your courses, by moderating online discussions, providing online feedback, and offering face-to-face workshops in the program. The facilitators are graduate student instructors who have taught previously during Summer Sessions at UCSB and are graduates of the STIA program. UCSB faculty mentors will facilitate mentoring groups throughout the summer.

For more information, contact

Dr. Mindy Colin
Office of Instructional Consultation
1130A Kerr Hall
email: mindy.colin@id.ucsb.edu

Registration Deadline for 2017: June 30. (Please register at your earliest convenience).  Expect to receive a Welcome Message within several days. Late applications are encouraged! Our program is very flexible.

NOTE: You may register for STIA before departmental hiring procedures and paperwork are complete. However, an appointment as an Associate for Summer Session is necessary to participate in the STIA program.

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