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A Dozen Other Sources on Teaching Large Classes

  1. Colleagues: Ask what works best for them, particularly those who have previously taught your course.
  2. Web Search: An Internet search will reveal a plethora of info on teaching large classes.
  3. Printed Sources: Examples include Teaching Large Classes Well by and Teaching Tips by W. McKeachie.
  4. Professional Organizations: Many professional organizations are now publishing material on teaching with a disciplinary focus.
  5. Journals on Teaching: Examples include Change, The Teaching Professor, and Teaching in Higher Education.
  6. Faculty Forums and Brown Bags: Each quarter, the Office of Instructional Consultation organizes 1-2 informal brown bag conversations about current issues and interests in teaching and learning.
  7. Office of Instructional Consultation: Call us (x2972) with specific concerns, for moral support, or to sit in on your classes.
  8. IIP Grants (on hold in 2009-2010): Consider writing an Instructional Improvement Grant proposal to enhance your large class through animation, image data bases, or other formats to enhance your presentations or provide high quality learning experiences for students. 
  9. Mini Grants (on hold in 2009-2010): Consider writing an a Mini Grant proposal to enhance your large class with videos or get your slide collection digitized for use with PowerPoint.
  10. Off Campus: Consult with colleagues from other campuses who teach the same large class.
  11. Videoconferencing: Consider whether your large class would benefit from teleconferencing with the same class being taught at another UC campus. Call Office of Instructional Consultation (x2972) to discuss the possibilities.
  12. Students and TAs: They may have the very best advice for faculty on how to improve the class.


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