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Getting Started with Clickers at UCSB


Getting Started with clickers at UCSB

Want to start using i<clickers in your classes?  Here's how:

1. Place an order with the UCen bookstore for the appropriate number of student handsets for your class.  A single i<clicker handset will cost students $44.39 (Sept 2013), or they can be rented through Associated Students for $5 per quarter.

*UCSB classrooms do NOT support the use of web-based iclickers (i<clicker GO for smartphones and laptops), due to the limited number of access points.  These systems are not realiable and thus are not be supported.

2. To order your base station and instructor's kit, and for technical/logistical information on using clickers in lecture halls and classrooms at UCSB, please contact Ryan Daly at 805-893-3549.  NOTE: Some classrooms have “fixed frequency.” Ryan will provide more information if your classroom falls into this category.

3.  Once you have your instructor's i>clicker set (base station, i>clicker USB drive, software, and your instructor handsets), you will need to install the software on your computer and/or laptop.  Follow the documentation to configure i>clicker-GauchoSpace Integrate that comes with your i>clicker kit, or refer to the documentation on our website.

Documentation about iclicker features (such as using instructor remote, timing options, scoring options) are available at www.iclicker.com as well as on the flash drive that accompanies each instructor's kit..  **NOTE: if you want to have i>clicker integrated with GauchoSpace, you can not download software from www.iclicker.com, you must download it through our website.

You can run the software from either the flash drive, or the computer hard drive.  Be sure that you know where the data is being stored, and back it up regularly.

4. Arrange a time to go to the classroom in which you will be using the clickers and do a test run before the actual lecture.

5. Synchronizing your students' remotes with your class roster:

With i>clicker-GauchoSpace Integrate, students register their i>clicker on your course GauchoSpace site (you must Add the iClicker block to the GS site).
Students do not have to register their clickers to participate in class polling, but when students register their remote ID number with their UCSB perm number, you can keep records of individual participation, and assign credit for participation and/or correct answers.  Students will also need to be registered if you intend uploading students' scores into the GauchoSpace Gradebook.

6.  Consider creative ways to use the clikers to support your learning goals.  See "10 ways UCSB Instructors are using Clickers" (attachment at bottom of page).   Instructors using the clickers receive occasional brown bag invitations and notices from our UCSB user-group for  i>clicker instructors. To become part of the online discussion forum group, join the GauchoSpace site, "Instruction for Changing Times."  You will need your UCSB net ID and password to enter the site (same as you use for e-grades).  For more information, contact Lisa Berry x 8395  lisa@id.ucsb.edu

Searching for some i>clicker teaching ideas and pedagogical advice?
Contact Lisa Berry x 8395  lisa@id.ucsb.edu in the Office of Instructional Consultation.

Having technical difficulties (with setup, registration or synchronization)?   Contact Ryan Daly (rdaly@id.ucsb.edu)

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