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Teaching Strategies: Students with Learning Disabilities

SYLLABUS Hand out the syllabus, with due dates, at the beginning of class.  
ASSIGNMENTS Encourage students to ask questions about assignments.

Specify how long, complicated assignments break into parts.

Check students' comprehension of assignments, particularly the understanding of students who have had past difficulty.

Present assignments both orally and in writing.

Emphasize key instructions or information.

Provide study questions or lists of key terms.

Emphasize useful study skills.

Show sample assignments.

DISCUSSION Periodically review material or summarize main points.  
LECTURE Speak deliberately at key points.

Give students enough time to write notes.

Emphasize key ideas.

Write important definitions and ideas on the board.

Periodically review and summarize your work.

Provide written handouts for key ideas and instructions.

Stress the context and relationship of ideas.

Use concrete examples.

Vary presentation methods.

Supplement oral presentations with visual material.

Encourage students to sit in the front of class.

Supplement visual with oral information, and vice versa.

PAPERS Encourage students to use word processing for their papers. Encourage drafts and suggest ways to improve drafts. Require use of a word processor and drafts.
STRUCTURE   Offer group work opportunities.  
EVALUATION When writing exams, avoid unnecessary questions within questions, double negatives, or extremely complicated wording.

Allow students to rephrase exam questions in their own words.

Evaluate students' work early in the semester and frequently.

Don't rely on one evaluation.

Let students know how they are doing early in the quarter, and frequently.

Include review sessions.

Don't penalize spelling on exams.

Allow slightly modified exams (as needed by the student).

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