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TA Workshops & Professional Development Programs


for UCSB Graduate Students

Winter Quarter 2018

All sessions are limited to 10 participants.

All sessions will be held in Kerr Hall 1128 unless otherwise stated.

Please RSVP at http://apps.id.ucsb.edu/registration/ta-workshop-registration/

The First Day of Section (for Winter Quarter)

Monday, January 7th, 9am-10am

Facilitator: Katie Bainbridge

The first day of section often sets the tone for the entire quarter, and some of the challenges we face as TAs can be avoided by setting up ourselves and our students for success on the first day. What should you do on the first day? How long do you really need to spend going over logistics? How much time should be spent covering content? How much time should you devote to getting to know your students? Whether you’ve taught before, or winter quarter is your first time teaching, come join us for a discussion on how make the most of your first day with your students.



The Active Classroom

Wednesday, Jan 16th, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Facilitator: Jenny Sperling


Teaching for 50 minutes puts a lot of pressure on TAs, from preparing an entire lecture to feeling responsible for going over all the material from that week’s lectures.  Sometimes, when grad school gets stressful, lecturing seems like the easiest lesson when you don’t have time to plan something more exciting. This workshop will provide you with easy and flexible activities to use in the classroom to get your students moving, talking, reflecting, and building knowledge.  TAs will leave with a variety of activities that can easily be adapted for many subject areas and purposes so your students no longer have to remain seated for an entire section.



Managing Teaching Related Anxiety 

Tuesday, January 22, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Facilitator: Peter Romaskiewicz


For many people, public speaking and presentation is a source of much anxiety, as can be the stress of planning and then teaching three or more sections a week. This workshop is for graduate students for whom weekly teaching responsibilities and the thought of spending time in the front of the classroom are a source of undue stress. We will discuss strategies and resources for minimizing and managing anxiety related to teaching, and for increasing confidence at the front of the classroom.



Checking for Understanding

Wednesday, January  30st, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Facilitator: Jenny Sperling


You’ve planned, prepared, and implemented your lesson plan. How do you know if your students are really “getting” it? When silence fills the space and students aren’t asking questions, it can be challenging to figure out if students are following or if topics still need some extra time and coverage. This workshop will discuss interactive techniques and activities that encourage students to ask questions and allow you to gauge class-wide comprehension.



Handouts 101

Tuesday, Feb  5th, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Facilitator: Katie Bainbridge


Have you ever wanted to provide your students with a handout to use in section or serve as a helpful guide for difficult concepts? Maybe the prospect of creating a handout from scratch seemed too daunting or time consuming, or you feel like your handouts need a fresh look or a new change. Handouts can be a great way to help your students breakdown complex topics, understand old material in new ways, or help students to organize their thinking.  This workshop will provide you with example handouts and different takes on how to format your handouts, including concept maps, charts, outlines, storyboards, and more.



Teaching Workshop for International TAs

Thurs, Feb 7th, 12-1pm

Location: SRB, OISS Conference Room (3rd floor)

Facilitator: Mindy Colin (ID) and Karen Li (Grad Div)

The Graduate Division and Instructional Development are pleased to host this workshop and lunch for International TAs. We will discuss common issues new (and experienced) International TAs often have to grapple with, such as teaching in the English language, cross-cultural (mis)understandings in the classroom, and grading practices. 



Crafting your Teaching Philosophy Statement

Tuesday, Feb  12th, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Location: Kerr 2110

Facilitator: Lisa Berry


Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement can be a challenge, and is required for most teaching positions.  At the same time, examining and articulating your teaching philosophy can help you to become a more effective instructor.  As a participant in this workshop, you will work through a series of exercises to help you reflect on your teaching, and by workshop end you will have a draft outline of your teaching philosophy statement.



Preparing Your CCUT Portfolio

Wednesday, Feb  13th, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Facilitator: Lisa Berry


The session will provide tips on writing the CCUT teaching portfolio, including ways of presenting teaching materials, documenting student ratings, meeting the technology requirement, tone of the portfolio narration, and more. Participants need to have completed at least two of the CCUT requirements. Please note that if you are completing your doctorate degree in Spring, the final date that you may submit your CCUT portfolio is Friday, March 23.



Efficient (& Effective) Grading of Student Work

Tuesday, Feb  19th, 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Facilitator:  Peter Romaskiewicz


Grading student work can be a huge time commitment and a major source of stress for TAs. How much time should be spent on each assignment? What kind of comments should you leave, and how many? Are there any ways for going through it quicker? During this workshop, we will discuss some approaches to increase efficiency of grading, as well as tips for time management and allocation that can help you plan out and evaluate your grading load. 



Effective Uses of Mobile Technology in Section

Thursday, Feb 28th, 3-4pm

Facilitator: Mindy Colin      


Come learn the many different ways you can engage students by having them use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops during section! Not only we will look at some great classroom games and apps, we will also cover how to manage student behavior regarding mobile technology use during class.



Effective PowerPoint Design using Research-based Principles

Friday March 8th, 11am-12pm

Facilitator: Katie Bainbridge


There is a right and wrong way to design PowerPoints. Come to this lecture to learn how to incorporate research-based principles of Multimedia Learning into your slide designs. Avoid common mistakes and maximize learning outcomes!


RSVP at http://apps.id.ucsb.edu/registration/ta-workshop-registration/




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