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TA Workshops & Professional Development Programs


for UCSB Graduate Students

Summer Quarter 2017
(NOTE: these workshop also count towards STIA requirements)

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Effective Use of Mobile Technology during Section
Thurs, June 29, 9:30-11am Kerr 1128
Facilitator: Dr. Mindy Colin, Instructional Development 
Come learn the many different ways you can engage students by having them use their smart phones, tablets, and laptops during section! Not only will we look at some great classroom games and apps, we will also cover how to manage student behavior regarding mobile technology use during class.   
Crafting your Teaching Philosophy Statement
Thurs, July 6, 10:00am – 11:00am - Kerr 1128   
Facilitator: Dr. Lisa Berry, Instructional Development
Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement can be a challenge, and is required for most teaching positions. At the same time, examining and articulating your teaching philosophy can help you to become a more effective instructor. As a participant in this workshop, you will work through a series of exercises to help you reflect on your teaching, and by workshop end you will have a draft outline of your teaching philosophy statement. 
Upside down lesson planning
Mon, July 17, 2:30-4pm - Kerr 1128   
Facilitator: Dr. Mindy Colin, Instructional Development
In this workshop you will take a typical section/lesson/lab plan and revamp it into something that connects your students to the content from the outset of the class session. We will cover how to break up the class session into engaging and interactive activities and how to gauge student learning while you teach! 
Difficult Conversations: activities & best practices for awkward, personal, and controversial topics
Tues, July 25, 12-1:30pm - Kerr 1128   
Facilitator: Rachel Rys, STIA facilitator
Courses that address complex, controversial, or personal topics can be transformational for students. However, these same courses can be nerve-wracking for instructors, since we are responsible for introducing, contextualizing, and mediating how students engage with these topics in the classroom. Bring your fears, successes, and experiences with you to this workshop. Together, we will share and practice strategies for both anticipating and responding to tense
classroom moments.
Tools for Effective and Efficient Writing Feedback 
Thurs, July 27, 10:30am-Noon in  Kerr 1128
Facilitator: Rachel Rys, STIA facilitator 

What types of comments do you make on students’ papers—and why? How can you ensure that students read and address your suggestions? And finally, how can you help students become more effective and self-directed writers? Drawing from Writing Studies research, this workshop encourages instructors to reflect on their commenting and grading practices and to develop feedback strategies that are both effective for students and efficient for instructors.

Please REGISTER at http://apps.id.ucsb.edu/registration/stia_workshops/

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