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Pillars TA Certificate

Pillars of Teaching Assistantship Workshops and Certificate


Instructional Development’s “Pillars of Teaching Assistantship” workshop series and certificate is designed to provide TAs with a comprehensive, research-based foundation for teaching in the role of TA. Any UCSB TA can participate in one or more of the “Pillars” workshops; those who wish to receive the “Pillars” certificate must complete all 4 modules within one year. Each “Pillars” module consists of one or two workshops with brief pre-workshop assignments and post-workshop reflections on learning. Workshop days and times vary by quarter.

Pillar 1: Creating Supportive Learning Environments

  • Fostering belonging and community in the classroom

Pillar 2: Engaging Students in their Learning

  • Active learning: What, why and how?
  • Creating engaging lessons

Pillar 3: Assessing Student Learning

  • Effective questioning and classroom assessment techniques
  • Designing and grading assessments

Pillar 4: TA Professional Growth and Development

  • Improving teaching through feedback and reflection

Integrating Pillars into TA Training

The workshop series is designed to be flexible and can be utilized by departments, and individual TAs, as follows:


For departments or individual TAs that do not have a required TA training course:

  • TAs may complete one or more of the Pillars workshop series to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency as a TA.
  • TAs who register for and complete the entire Pillars workshop series (consisting of 6 workshops and brief pre- and post- workshop activities), within a one-year period will receive a certificate of completion, enhancing their ability to secure TAships across campus.

Departments with existing TA training courses may:

  • Request that Instructional Development host one or more of the Pillars workshops for their TAs, during the normal TA course meeting time, to complement their existing TA training program. Contact id-tadp@ucsb.edu to schedule a workshop.
  • Download and adapt lesson plans and supporting materials for each of the Pillars workshops.


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