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Creating a Teaching Portfolio for the Certificate in College and University Teaching

Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT)

The UCSB Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT) is designed for students who wish to demonstrate superior competence and experience in teaching at the university or college level. Certificate requirements include completion or attainment of a number of teaching-related skills and experiences culminating in independent instruction of an entire course with the support of a UCSB faculty mentor. Students interested in getting the certificate thus need to obtain a position as an independent instructor either as a Teaching Associate in the regular or summer session on campus or at an off-campus junior college, college, or university location. Certificates are awarded in conjunction with a Ph.D. or MFA degree upon completion.

An overview of the CCUT program is available at:  http://www.graddiv.ucsb.edu/academic/interdisciplinary-emphases-certificate-programs/ccut

For CCUT program details, deadlines and to receive important announcements of workshops that support the program, please join the CCUT GauchoSpace site: https://gauchospace.ucsb.edu/courses/course/view.php?id=2397

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