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Syllabus Checklist

Syllabus Checklist

Consider your syllabus in light of these qualities:

Completeness:  Does the syllabus contain all the relevant information regarding the instructor, goals/objectives of the course, texts, grading policies, description of assignments?

Clarity of Communication: Is the syllabus clear? Are the rights, responsibilities and consequences spelled out? Is information internally consistent?

Appropriateness of Tone: Does the syllabus communicate a helpful, positive attitude that is motivational and non-threatening?

Professional Appearance: Is the syllabus formatted well? Does it look attractive? Are spelling and grammar correct?

Recency of Content: Does the course portray the current state of the field/latest scholarship in this area?    

Fit within the Curriculum: Does the course fulfill expectations of the academic unit for content and skills needed for subsequent courses? Does it match the catalog description and expected overall fit within the curriculum of the institution?

Level of Challenge: Does the course require students to do an appropriate amount of work at an appropriate level of challenge?:

Pacing: Is the course calendar realistic and are the due dates for assignments distributed well?

Testing and Grading: Do the students receive frequent feedback and are the grading policies fair and appropriate for the goals of the course?

Student-Centeredness: Do the activities show a concern for student engagement? Do the office hours or other information show that the instructor is accessible for help? Are other campus resources (e.g. CLAS) made available to the students?

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