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TA Orientation

Campus-wide TA Orientation for New TAs and Readers


Attendance at the annual TA Orientation is required for all first-time UCSB TAs and Readers with secured appointments at UCSB, even if duties will not begin until Winter or Spring. Detailed information for TA Orientation will be managed through GauchoSpace, UCSB’s course management system.


If you missed the Fall 2021 Orientation, please follow the make-up instructions in GauchoSpace.

TA Orientation is sponsored by the Graduate Division and Instructional Development.


  • "I enjoyed the variety of workshops and the opportunity to meet other TAs in other departments."

  • "The Orientation Program was well-run and useful. The workshops were quite helpful for my preparation to lead sections."

  • "Well-organized: moved quickly through the speakers and topics. I was very impressed with the range of topics discussed."

  • "Helpful information on student and TA responsibilities, as well as on referral services."

  • "Thanks for the careful attention to making being a TA for the first time less stressful."

  • "I felt that the campuswide TA orientation was great, it really helped. The checklist given in one of the seminars really calmed my nerves."

  • "Overall, very good orientation and I appreciate the administration of UCSB for doing this for us. I learned a lot, which in turn profits the students. Thanks!"

  • "The TA orientation program gave both information about TA work and the personal stories from the experience of veteran TAs."

Participation in the campus-wide TA Orientation also provides partial satisfaction of Requirement #1 for the Certificate in College and University Teaching.


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