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*ID has a Learning Glass that you can use to record short lectures for your students!

*The funding requirements of the UC ILTI grants has altered slightly to include blended or hybrid courses! Proposals are reviewed every quarter. See details at UCOP. Come to Instructional Development for a grant consultation.

*Internal Grants for Instructional Improvement and Sustainability to be announced in December.

**New Faculty** Save the Date: Thurs, 19 Jan 2017, 10:30am for our Welcome and Orientation to Instructional Development. More details to follow.

*Save the Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2017 for a Brown Bag Event that focuses on supporting students with disabilities!

*Collaborate now offers Online Training for GauchoSpace!

*Introduction to GauchoSpace Workshops are on now! Register here.

*TA Development Workshops for Winter Quarter will be posted soon!

EVENTS Fall 2016

The Office of Instructional Consultation regularly hosts open-invitation events for UCSB faculty and teaching assistants. These include workshops, brown bag discussions, forums, GauchoSpace training, and so forth. 

Teaching Unfamiliar Students: How to Adapt? 

Date: November 15, 2016
12-1pm at 6020 HSSB - McCune Conference Room

RSVP to sarah.koepke@id.ucsb.edu

Have you noticed that UCSB students have increasingly different backgrounds, experiences, learning needs, and expectations? Instructional Development believes that the increasing diversity of our students is a great asset to our University, and offers an opportunity to create more vibrant, dynamic courses. Our aim is to discuss how we can better understand our students and the different, complementary lenses that we bring to our areas of study.

During this brown bag conversation, we invite you to share your ideas for, and questions about, adapting your courses for our diverse student body. We will also consider how faculty members are uniquely positioned to help UCSB students consider multiple perspectives, learn to interact respectfully with people of different cultures and opinions, and strive to contribute responsibly in a dynamic and global society.

We encourage you to read the attached two articles, which outline some of the obstacles that students with non-traditional backgrounds face and a  framework for creating more inclusive classrooms.

Interesting demographic statistics at UCSB: 

  • The ethnic breakdown of our American students is about 38% White, 28% Hispanic, 20% Asian, 9% multi-racial, and 2% Black.
  • The number of students in the Disabled Students Program has doubled since 2007.
  • Between 2011 and 2015 the number of incoming international freshman students rose from 30 to 330, with just under 2000 total international students on campus this year.
  • Last year the number of international PhD students rose by 58% - making them approximately 9% of all graduate students.

Please bring your own lunch; cookies and drinks will be provided!

Note: Materials and links for all our Brown Bags can be found in Instructional Development's Changing Instruction, Changing Times site in GauchoSpace.

1. Navigate to http://gauchospace.ucsb.edu/
2. Enter your UCSB NetID and password (same as used for e-grades).

3. If you are not already enrolled in the course, go to the Courses link and click on Project Sites.

4. Type in the search box: Changing Instruction for Changing Times.

5. Click the course title and then click Join this course site.

6. Scroll down to My Courses click on the "course" entitled the site Instructional Development: Changing Instruction for Changing Times.

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