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Need replacement lecture ideas?

The recent natural disasters and road closures have made it difficult for faculty to lead in-class lectures.  If you or your students need an alternative way of attending class, consider utilizing GauchoCast and Zoom to put yourself and your lecture materials in front of your students.  We provide step-by-step instructions and videos for making the most of these innovative teaching technologies.  

How to get set up with your classroom technology

New instructor?  New classroom?  Stop by Media Equipment in Kerr 1160 to set up a login and password for general assignment classroom computers; check out a lectern key; and arrange for an Instructional Development staff member to do a "meet and greet" orientation to the equipment and lighting controls in the classroom(s) in which you will be teaching.  

Check out our Resource Library

We have a collection of over 400 books and guides on a variety of instructional topics.  Stop by Kerr Hall 1130 to browse our selection and check out items of interest! 

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GauchoSpace Training

Collaborate now offers Online Training for GauchoSpace! For individual training with a GauchoSpace expert, call 805-893-2208 or drop in to the Faculty Resource Center at 1110 Kerr Hall M-F 10am-4pm.

EVENTS Fall 2018

Pre-Fall Faculty Workshops
September 17-21, 2018

The workshops below are designed to assist instructors in preparing for the Fall quarter. Whether you will be teaching more students, different courses, or are just looking for new ideas, these sessions are for you! 

Please register at http://apps.id.ucsb.edu/registration/faculty-workshop-reg/


Effective uses of presentation technologies
Facilitator: Dr. Mindy Colin
Monday, Sept. 17th, 10-11:30am
Location: Buchanan 1910

Come learn how to make your classroom lecture more engaging with presentation technologies such as Prezi, PowerPoint, instructional videos, and document cameras. This workshop also reviews tips and tricks for designing visually appealing teaching materials that focus students on key information while enhancing student-to-content interaction during lecture.

Leveraging UCSB’s instructional video Infrastructure
Facilitator: Dr. George Michaels
Monday, Sept. 17th,  1-2:00pm
Location: Kerr Hall 1126 (Digital Editing Lab)

UCSB now has a robust infrastructure for capturing and delivering synchronous and asynchronous video based instructional materials. GauchoCast, based on the Panopto platform, allows for easy lecture capture, audio and video podcasting, student produced video projects, and online video reserves in support of any course at UCSB that can benefit from asynchronous video materials. Zoom provides a high quality platform for bringing remote lecturers into your class, presenting a remote lecture when away on travel, conducting online office hours or review sessions with video and screen sharing, and sharing screen of student work while in class. The “Learning Glass”, combined with GauchoCast, provides a revolutionary means for effectively recording board-work on video for courses that are dependent on board-work supported by oral presentation or discussion. Document cameras being deployed to General Assignment classrooms can similarly make board work easier to present in the largest lecture halls with higher readability for students. This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to using these tools and services, as well as examples currently in use on campus. 
Stage presence
Facilitator: Celia Alario
Tuesday, Sept. 18th,  1-2:30pm
Location: Engineering Science Building 1001 

Many of us, as experts in our field, feel fully confident about the content of our courses but feel ill prepared to “command a room” and engage our students from the podium. This workshop will address the physical and personal roadblocks that prevent us from effectively communicating our curriculum, providing practical tools to foster stage presence and create more energized and engaged presentation skills.

Celia Alario is a lecturer in the Environmental Studies Program and at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UCSB, where she teaches Environmental Communications and Grassroots Organizing courses.  In addition, she regularly coaches social justice, environmental and climate justice change agents and organizations in public speaking and media relations skills. 

i>clickers: Getting started with UCSB’s student response system
Facilitator: Dr. Lisa Berry
Tuesday, Sept. 18th,  3-4:30pm   
Location: Kerr 2110, Conference Room 

Participants in this workshop will explore ways that i>clickers can be used to engage students during lecture and to foster critical thinking.  You will also learn the "nuts and bolts" of how to use i>clicker in the classroom and its flexible grading options.
Challenges and strategies for teaching large classes
Facilitator: Dr. Lisa Berry
Wednesday, Sept. 19th, 10-11:30am  
Location: Buchanan 1910
Class sizes at UCSB continue to increase in the upcoming 2018-19 school year. This workshop will address the unique challenges associated with teaching large classes.  Participants will discuss and experience strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges, to make your teaching more effective, engaging and efficient. 

Boosting in-class participation: Active learning strategies that enliven lectures in under five minutes
Facilitator: Dr. Mindy Colin
Wednesday, Sept. 19th, 2-3:30pm  
Location: Buchanan 1940

Do you have the same three students raising their hands in each class session? Join us for this practical workshop to explore quick ways of getting a wider variety of students to participate during lecture. We will discuss techniques for large, medium and small class sizes, common pitfalls, and lecture planning.
Designing assignments that help students succeed (and are easy to grade)
Facilitator: Dr. Mindy Colin
Friday, Sept. 21th, 9:30-10:30am  
Location: Buchanan 1940

Have you ever asked yourself: How can I help my TAs grade papers and projects more consistently and fairly? Why does it always take me so long to grade this assignment? Is a group project right for this class, and how do I set it up so it’s not a grading nightmare? If you have these kinds of questions, then this workshop is for you! Bring your troublesome assignments and grading woes to this workshop as we review the elements of good assignment design and give you tips about grading and giving feedback to students.
Working with diverse student populations
Facilitators: Dr. Holly Roose, Director, Promise Scholars Program + Panel of Undergraduate Students
Friday, Sept. 21th, 11am-12:15pm  
Location: Buchanan 1940

This workshop will provide an overview of UCSB's changing demographics and teaching approaches to engage at-risk populations. A small group of underrepresented, low income, first generation students will talk about their needs and will engage in a conversation with participants about how instructors can make their courses more inclusive of all students.


Please register at http://apps.id.ucsb.edu/registration/faculty-workshop-reg/



TA Orientation

Attendance at the annual TA Orientation is required for all new graduate student Teaching Assistants (TAs), and all graduate/undergraduate student Readers who have a secured TAship or Readership, even if your first appointment is not until Winter or Spring Quarter.  At TA Orientation, you will:

  • Participate in interactive workshops facilitated by faculty and experienced TAs;
  • Share teaching strategies with colleaegues from other departments; 
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a TA;
  • Enhance what you already know about teaching and learning;
  • Alleviat your stress by becoming informed and prepared.

See the TA Orientation page for more information.

TA Development Program: Pedagogy Workshops

For UCSB Graduate Students interested in honing their teaching skills and attending to the nuances of TAing sections.  Includes tips and tricks for better instruction, discovering your teacher identity, CCUT preparation assistance, and workshops for international TAs.  RSVP here



Note: Materials and links for all our Brown Bags can be found in Instructional Development's Changing Instruction, Changing Times site in GauchoSpace.

1. Navigate to http://gauchospace.ucsb.edu/
2. Enter your UCSB NetID and password (same as used for e-grades).
3. If you are not already enrolled in the course, go to the Courses link and click on Project Sites.
4. Type in the search box: Changing Instruction for Changing Times.
5. Click the course title and then click Join this course site.
6. Scroll down to My Courses click on the "course" entitled the site Instructional Development: Changing Instruction for Changing Times.




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