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*Internal Grants for Instructional Improvement (IIP Grants) are due Tues, Feb 21, 2017! Talk to Lisa or Mindy for more information.

**TALES - TELLING TALES IN SCHOOLTues, Feb 28, 4-5PM in 1004 Gervitz, by Helene Gardner, PhD (see details below) RSVP appreciated**

*TAs: Register for Winter Quarter's TA Development Workshops.

*ID has a Learning Glass that you can use to record short lectures for your students!

*The funding requirements of the UC ILTI grants has altered slightly to include blended or hybrid courses! Proposals are reviewed every quarter. See details at UCOP. Come to Instructional Development for a grant consultation.

*Collaborate now offers Online Training for GauchoSpace!

*Face to Face GauchoSpace trainings are held on an as-needed basis during the middle of the quarter. Please contact Sarah to schedule one! 

EVENTS Winter 2017

The Office of Instructional Consultation regularly hosts open-invitation events for UCSB faculty and teaching assistants. These include workshops, brown bag discussions, forums, GauchoSpace training, and so forth. 

TALES - Teaching and Learning Excellence Series

*Podcasts Coming in February!*

TALES is a series of live events and podcasts with stories about teaching and learning that inspire, motivate and ignite the imagination of both instructors and students.

Tues, February 7 - TEACHING THE TRUTH

4-5pm, Girvetz 1004
by a UCSB Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Dr. Enda Duffy (English Dept.)

What do people remember about the teachers they loved? Their passion, their inspiration--and their conviction. In this talk, Enda Duffy examines how, in humanities teaching in particular, the truth is often held to be provisional and undecidable. Yet this ambivalence undermines passionate thinking. It forbids us as teachers from transmitting the most vital part: courage. The best teaching happens when teachers challenge their students to see what the truth is and then to stand up for it. (RSVP appreciated)


4-5pm, Girvetz 1004
by Dr. Helene Gardner, Environmental Studies

Telling tales in school is to harness the power of the spoken word in the classroom. The spoken word is, after all, older than the written word, and story-telling provides a context that is more memorable than rote memorization. This presentation will explore the power of anecdotes in introducing material in the science classroom. Stories used for the purpose of conducting a problem-solving session with students, stories used in creating an anticipatory set/establishing a topic for discussion, stories used to establish the order of presentation of material, and stories to conclude a discussion by exemplifying a point will be presented. Participants will be able to experience the power of these techniques during the presentation and follow-up with questions. (RSVP appreciated)


Live TALES are hosted several times per year to highlight compelling stories of creativity, inspiration and engagement in UCSB teaching. Live events feature faculty members that have been nominated by their peers and department leaders as excellent models of pedagogical practice in undergraduate education. The event begins with a personal, vibrant and thought-provoking account of instructional experiences that have a profound impact on both students and teachers. This is followed by open dialogue with the audience.

The TALES podcast series combines the voices of UCSB students and instructors to share real stories and individual perspectives about teaching and learning on our campus. Each podcast focuses on a different topic, sometimes providing a glimpse into campus personalities, and other times exploring the environment and meanings of education at UCSB.


Note: Materials and links for all our Brown Bags can be found in Instructional Development's Changing Instruction, Changing Times site in GauchoSpace.

1. Navigate to http://gauchospace.ucsb.edu/
2. Enter your UCSB NetID and password (same as used for e-grades).

3. If you are not already enrolled in the course, go to the Courses link and click on Project Sites.

4. Type in the search box: Changing Instruction for Changing Times.

5. Click the course title and then click Join this course site.

6. Scroll down to My Courses click on the "course" entitled the site Instructional Development: Changing Instruction for Changing Times.

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